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After working for multiple design firms upon completing her degree in Art  & Design at Northeastern University, Bridget dove into the world of interior design and residential construction. She wanted to fully comprehend both sides of the business to ensure every project has a successful outcome. These experiences have given Bridget the unique perspective of how to run a project effectively. 


One of the biggest challenges in this business is the number of people involved on a single project. Between clients, engineers, architects, designers and subcontractors, there can be upwards of fifty people that are involved in the work. Bridget understands that above all else, communication is critical in order to produce the highest quality of work. 


Over the past decade, she has honed her skills in both interior design and construction. With creativity, dedication and passion for her craft, Bridget's goal is always to produce thoughtful, functional spaces that make clients feel at peace in their personalized home.

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